Office Hours Sign-up for Lee Teitel -- Gutman Library 427 (6 Appian Way, Cambridge) To sign up, press edit and type your name in a time slot. Do not add time slots. When done, press save or it will not register. If you do need to cancel an appointment, please erase your name. If it is cancellation of an appointment that is less than 24 hours away, please also send me an email.

Monday Nov 6

9:30 Amy Nasr

Monday Nov 13

2:30 Jennand Anna

4:00 Sarah Adams (215) 528-3834

Wednesday Nov 15

2:00 Tanya and Jenn

2:30 Tanya and Jenn

3:00 Rhonda - Beloved Community

3:30 CT equity call

Monday Nov 27

10:30 Tony

11:00 hold



Tuesday Nov 28

1:30 Erin Donohoe

2:00 Call with Jeff Jablow & Carolyn Trager Kliman (City Year)


Wednesday Nov 29




If none of these times works, contact me at

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